Share and Collaborate

Share maps with anyone, anywhere. Collaborate with colleagues to solve problems.

Share your maps to start a conversation

Interactive maps are communication tools. They tell stories, share insights, and move people to ask questions. You can share your maps through a variety of channels.

  • Embed your map in a website, social media post, or blog
  • Share your map in a variety of ready-to-use apps
  • Create and share your own apps using app builders or APIs
  • Include your maps in dashboards for a real-time view of people, assets, and events
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Choose who sees your maps

Not all maps are made for the public. Some maps contain private information. Other maps are made to drive public awareness and action. You can choose exactly who sees your maps using the share settings in ArcGIS Online.

  • Just you—keep your maps private
  • Your groups—share maps with a specific group of people in ArcGIS Online
  • Your organization—share maps with everyone in your company
  • The world—allow anyone, anywhere to see your maps

Collaborate to solve more problems

Work with your colleagues on mapping and analysis projects within ArcGIS Online’s collaborative environment. Your maps, data, and apps will be readily accessible when shared with your group. Use specialized apps to work with colleagues in the field, office, or community.

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