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Set up and configure ArcGIS Online to meet your organization’s requirements

Manage people

Configure ArcGIS Online to meet your organization’s needs and structure. You can create groups that mirror your existing teams or departments. Assign privileges, such as analysis capabilities or administrative tasks, and additional ArcGIS products to members or entire groups within your organization. Everyone can conveniently access ArcGIS Online via your enterprise single sign-on.

  • Create groups
  • Assign privileges and licenses
  • Enable your existing authentication system

Monitor activities

It’s important and exciting to see what your team members are creating in ArcGIS Online. You can monitor and control internal activities within your organization. Also, see who is using the maps and apps you share publicly.

  • Monitor system dashboards to see metrics of your organization’s users, maps, and apps
  • Use a variety of activity-based metrics to see and control your organization’s activities
  • Access additional ArcGIS Online services with service credits and manage their use through budgeting

Maintain security and privacy

ArcGIS Online provides security controls at every level—from product to infrastructure to each user. It’s resilient, redundant, and built from the ground up with security in mind.

  • ArcGIS Online meets the high standards set by the US Federal Government as well as international standards
  • A dedicated team is continually advancing the security of the entire ArcGIS platform
  • All information within ArcGIS Online is encrypted using standards-based procedures
  • ArcGIS Online complies with the highest independent, international, and industry accepted privacy standards
Read more about security

Your data, your terms

The data you bring into ArcGIS Online, as well as the maps and apps you create, belong to you. They are your intellectual property. ArcGIS Online enables you to specify the terms of use for each item you share.

  • Retain intellectual property rights of everything you add and create in ArcGIS Online
  • Specify terms of use for each item you choose to share

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