Development Services

Development Services

Openware provides customized solutions in desktop, client-server, distributed and Intranet/Internet technologies including web services. The software services provided are:

Application Development - Openware provides custom application development services to build robust, custom applications as per the requirements of clients. We has extensive experience through the complete lifecycle of application development from Requirements gathering to design and development to Testing and deployment.

Application Maintenance and Support - Following world-class processes, Openware works closely with clients to quickly adopt methodologies and protocols to ensure provision of seamless maintenance and support services.  Openware can provide bug fixing, feature level and request level design, and product level testing.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) - Using proprietary and industry standard software tools, Openware integrates various legacy systems and applications to allow the seamless flow of information within the whole enterprise system and enable extensive business process automation.

Application Testing - Openware has considerable experience of application testing and is quick to understand the client application and related business requirements, create test cases for various types of testing, perform, and provide detailed reporting on test results.