Where sustainability meets prosperity

It’s happening around the world—a geospatial awakening. An urgent call to understand and respect each other and the planet. Leaders are answering the call, using location intelligence and AI to rethink where and how to solve important problems and create a sustainable, prosperous future.

See the world in a new dimension

When we root ourselves in a geospatial mindset, we can understand the context of our decisions and rethink where our actions can have the most impact. We can see from several dimensions our human-made systems along with natural systems—interconnections and interdependence. We can rebuild and strengthen this sense of place to envision and change how we interact with our world.

Map your place on the planet

Geospatial thinking can inspire stewardship and partnership, rather than ownership of the earth. From neighborhoods to nations, transportation networks to weather patterns, we can understand business and government on both a hyperlocal and global scale. By mapping our place in the world, we can rethink where to engage intimately and work constructively.

Use location technology to create for the future

Sustainable prosperity requires a geospatial mindset and technology to bring big, complex ideas to life. Through location intelligence, often infused with AI, we can analyze and act on past events. With this foundation, we can model solutions and work together to build a more promising future.

Moving beyond inspiration to action

Around the world, location intelligence empowers business and government leaders to create real change for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Esri’s leadership role to support you in this work

Esri's vision that humanity and nature can coexist and thrive is rooted in the idea that a mutually beneficial relationship starts with respect and deep understanding. Our 50 years of leading location-based expertise and innovative technology have helped businesses, governments, and people change the way they lead, plan, work, and live—to advance sustainable prosperity for all.