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To produce cleaner and smarter energy, we look to renewable natural resources. Relationships between these resources and the energy they can produce are inherently geographic. Use spatial analysis to improve energy production, transmission, and delivery and change the way we view natural resources.


Using GIS to make renewable energy viable

The Renewable Energy Atlas of Vermont encourages people to get involved in localizing energy production. This interactive website lets users identify, visualize, and analyze data about existing and promising renewable energy opportunities for any town or county in Vermont.

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    Acquire and manage

    Use ArcGIS software to efficiently and effectively collect and store the vast data your project requires.


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    Analyze and assess

    Accurately determine the best placement of resources after considering all constraints and restrictions. 


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    Share and collaborate

    Enable everyone in your organization to access data and perform analysis to streamline workflows.


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    Monitor and reduce risk

    Get a complete picture of your operations to anticipate what is coming and adjust accordingly. 


Specialized Apps and Data

  • Living Atlas of the World

    Ready-to-use maps give more context to survey and operational workflows.

  • Apps for the Field

    Improve operational efficiencies in field workforce activities.

  • Calculate Solar Radiation

    Visualize solar radiation on the ground, as well as on the roofs of buildings, in 3D.


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