Performance Monitoring

Work at peak levels

Manage operations with real-time analytics

Man views location information and data on tablet to understand business performance

Get a clear view of projects and workflows

Leaders in business and government are under increasing pressure to be more efficient and transparent. Innovative leaders use location intelligence to monitor, manage, and analyze key performance indicators. This real-time view of how assets and operations are performing helps identify inefficiencies and makes it easier to share data. 

See operational results others can’t

A shared map view of performance empowered by real-time analytics leads to greater efficiencies and collaborative problem solving. 

  • Harness smart maps, analytics, and dashboards for a real-time view of operations, people, services, assets, and events.
  • Identify areas of improvement by viewing key performance indicators in context of location.
  • Collaborate and share data effectively and securely via maps, apps, and dashboards.
  • Strengthen quality control in business processes. 
  • Improve response time to problems and issues.
3D digital map of a city shows data about how a business is performing in various locations


Enable real-time performance monitoring using location intelligence technology from the Esri Geospatial Cloud.