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To address aging infrastructure, leaks, and the potential for severe main breaks, White House Utility District in Tennessee provides wide access to GIS data and water-loss apps. Now staff can quickly isolate underground leaks, respond faster to main breaks, and prioritize capital improvement spending based on GIS data.

Intelligent water systems start here

Location influences all aspects of managing water—from protecting a sustainable water supply to delivering safe drinking water. Advanced mapping and spatial analytics reveal relationships and patterns, answer complex questions, and help users make informed decisions in both the office and the field.


Discover relationships in your data, such as areas of high risk due to pollutants or aging infrastructure. Detect problems before they can occur.
3D data overlaid a map


Standardize and improve daily processes between the office and the field. Share information with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Street map showing driving routes

Collaboration and engagement

Share detailed maps and reports with internal and external stakeholders. Transform meetings, hearings, and community engagements with interactive apps.
map with dashboard analytics

Discover how much your utility can be saving

Main breaks are a common problem and we have a proven solution to meet your challenges. Use the Water Main Break Savings App to receive a customized report to see how much money your water utility can be saving with the Water Outage solution.

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From supply to demand, Esri's ArcGIS software helps utilities manage the complete water cycle.


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