Kuwait Street Network

Kuwait Street Network Provides the  recent digital maps for full Kuwait  State with Highways, Sub roads, Area boundaries and Governorates with the following Specifications 

  • All attribute available in both Arabic and English. 

  • All layers available in both UTM and KTM Projection  

  •  Kuwait Data License for Kuwait City with the following layers

Kuwait Political and Physical Boundary

 Includes all the actual borders of Kuwait with neighboring countries [Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran] in addtion to the physical features such as the Arabian Gulf, the neighboring Kuwaiti Islands like Failaka, Boobiyan and Kubbar .


consists of all the six governorates, Jarhra, Asma, Ahmadi, Mubark Al Kabir, Farwaniya and Hawally. All the physical boundaries of these governorates accurately mapped. 


 consists of all the neighborhoods falling within each of the above 6 governorates. (For urban and Beyond urban area). 


are the numbered divisions falling within a neighborhood.

Streets segments throughout Kuwait

which comprises of the entire major roads, highways and minor streets, roundabout, U-turns, and ramps are included. For the areas falling even outside the urban area of Kuwait and All streets of Kuwait must be in the form of double centerlines; topologically ready for network creation, cartographic products, navigation systems, mapping etc. 


are special points of interest which help in general navigation and cognition while seeing a map. These are for example, government institutions & buildings, groceries, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, clinics, gas stations etc.