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Creating Story Maps with ArcGIS


If your map could tell a story, what would it say? Thanks to their engaging user experience, story maps have achieved mass appeal as a vehicle to inform the public, engage stakeholders, and inspire an audience. This course—for anyone that wants to communicate with maps—teaches the concepts, best practices, and decisions that need to be made when creating and sharing a story map.

Who Should Attend



After completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Choose an appropriate story map app for your purpose and audience.
  • Add web maps, images, multimedia, and text to create an engaging story map.
  • Apply best practices to share and promote your story maps.


Familiarity with ArcGIS Online will be helpful but is not required

Course Outline

Exploring story maps

  • Introduction to story maps
  • How can you use story maps?

Choosing a story map app

  • Story map creation workflow
  • Identifying the purpose, audience, and content for your story map
  • Getting to know the story map apps
  • Compare story map apps

Preparing and creating a story map

  • Sources of story map media Image storage options
  • Using web maps in your stories
  • Creating a story map using the Story Map Tour app

Reviewing your story map

  • Story map best practices
  • Critiquing a story map
  • Checking the story for issues
  • Exploring story map customizations

Sharing your story map

  • Who will use your story map and how?
  • Sharing privileges for your story map
  • Sharing and promoting story maps
  • Workflow review
  • What additional skills would be helpful to create a story map?