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Putting ArcGIS to use across your organization


Get a comprehensive introduction to ArcGIS platform components and capabilities. In this course, you explore ArcGIS apps used for mapping and visualization, data collection and management, spatial analytics, and collaboration and sharing. Discover how the ArcGIS platform helps organizations address common business challenges and apply location-based insights to streamline operations and improve decision making.

Who Should Attend

GIS professionals, managers, and others who need a comprehensive introduction to ArcGIS platform components and capabilities.


After completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Map and analyze business data using ArcGIS apps and tools.
  • Create and share data, web maps, and web apps using an ArcGIS portal.
  • Streamline field data collection workflows
  • Configure web maps and dashboards to monitor field operations in real time.


Some familiarity with GIS concepts may be helpful. For those new to GIS, completion of the free web course Getting Started with GIS is recommended but not required.

Course Outline

ArcGIS platform              

  • ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS portal
  • features Member roles
  •  Member role assignment
  • ArcGIS apps
  • Addressing challenges

Preparing data

  • Data
  • Evaluating tabular data
  • Sharing data
  • Web layers
  • Feature layer
  • Publishing feature layers

Finding data

  • Item details
  • Item details best practices
  • Assessing item details
  • Sharing options
  • Groups
  • Group properties
  • Group status
  • Defining group properties

Creating web maps

  • Web map
  • Map purpose
  • Emphasizing map purpose
  • Creating a map

Creating web apps

  • Web apps
  • App development
  • Configurable apps
  • Story maps
  • Web app components
  • Choosing an app builder

Analyzing data

  • ArcGIS analysis tools
  • Choosing the right analysis tool
  • Choosing an analysis tool

Using apps for the office

  • ArcGIS Maps for Office
  • Perform analysis

Collecting data in the field

  • ArcGIS apps for the field
  • Using ArcGIS apps for the field
  • Application settings

Monitoring field data

  • Dashboard
  • Elements
  • Using a dashboard