Field Operations

Take the power of location anywhere

Optimize efficiency in field activities with the power of location intelligence.

Use the power of location to improve coordination and operational efficiency in field workforce activities. Esri’s solutions for integrated field operations ensure that both fieldworkers and office staff use the same authoritative data to reduce errors, boost productivity and save money.

Field apps

Digitally transform field operations

Discover how the ArcGIS suite of field apps transforms disparate field activities and processes into a unified workflow.

Location-enabled field activities

Adopt modern workflows
Eliminate or reduce reliance on paper processes.
Boost data accuracy
Obtain accurate, reliable, and accessible data.
Save time and money
Optimize efficiency in field-focused activities.
Gain location perspective
Allocate resources to deliver the maximum impact.
Monitor status in real time
Use visually rich dashboards to inform decisions.

Better Together

Organizations of all types find numerous advantages from a suite of integrated mobile apps that support their field activities in connected or disconnected environments. These easy-to-use apps can be deployed on their own or as an integrated suite, either as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution or behind your firewall.


Leverage the power of location to understand where work needs to be done and effectively coordinate and dispatch resources.

Workforce for ArcGIS


Take your organization's digital maps with you, anywhere and anytime. Promote your spatial awareness when performing inspections or other activities that benefit from spatial context.

Explorer for ArcGIS


Easy-to-understand dashboards and maps support informed decision-making. Communicate the status of field operations to managers by monitoring, tracking, and reporting real-time data.

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS



Ditch outdated paper-based workflows. Enable field workers to easily perform accurate data collection and asset inspections in any environment with location-aware apps that workers of all experience levels can use.

Survey123 for ArcGIS
Collector for ArcGIS
ArcGIS QuickCapture





Use the most efficient routes to arrive on time and get the job done. Use voice-guided routing that even considers the type of vehicle being driven and road restrictions along the route.

Navigator for ArcGIS


Enable those in the field to share their location tracks so you can know where everyone is and where they have been. Tracking can be accomplished through a mobile app that is controlled entirely by the user.

Tracker for ArcGIS


User Types

Supporting field operations requires multiple people in your organization, each with a distinct function. Their unique functions are reflected in the ArcGIS Online user type licenses below.



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