User Workflows for ArcGIS Online Organization

This workshop introduces web maps, apps, and other authoritative content that may be available through your ArcGIS Online organizational site. You will see how this content helps you infuse your projects with geographic context, additional business intelligence, and visual impact. The instructor shows how to create and share web maps on an organizational site and from within Microsoft Excel. Concepts also apply to an ArcGIS Enterprise organizational portal.

Who Should Attend
Knowledge workers, managers, and other professionals who have access to an ArcGIS Online organizational site or ArcGIS Enterprise portal website

After completion of this course you will be able to:
• Create and style a web map
• Use templates to style and configure a web app.
• Use web maps in Microsoft Office applications.
• Share maps and other content on your ArcGIS Online organizational site.


Course Outline

Introducing Web GIS
• A brief view of Web GIS
• Web GIS foundations
• Web GIS connects people and content
• Workflows and functions of ArcGIS
• Member privileges
• Types of content
• ArcGIS Online versus ArcGIS Enterprise
• Managing content

The web map
• Web map components
• Basemap layers and operational layers
• Feature layers and tile layers
• Web map uses
• Creating and using a web map

Presenting your web map
• Presentation options
• Creating a presentation from a web map
• Adding a dynamic map to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
• Mapping in Microsoft Excel
• Geocoding
• Using Microsoft Excel
• Presentation options comparison

Web apps
• Tell the story better
• Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
• Exploring Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
• Exploring configurable web app examples
• Creating configurable web apps
• Presentation options

Sharing your content
• Ownership
• Groups
• Levels of sharing
• Sharing content