ArcGIS 4: Sharing Content on the Web

Make Maps and Apps Available Across Your Organization. Learn to share geographic content, making it accessible to everyone who needs it, when and how they want to access it. This course teaches how to publish your organization’s authoritative GIS data, maps, and tools as services that can be discovered on your organization’s public or private ArcGIS portal, easily accessed from desktop and online applications, and featured in web and mobile apps.

Who Should Attend:
• GIS Professionals
• Map Designers
• Administrators
• Application Developers
• GIS Managers

After completion of this course you will be able to:
• Determine which sharing option is appropriate for your needs.
• Author and publish map, feature, geoprocessing, and image services.
• Share GIS resources as stand-alone services and in web maps and apps.

Completion of ArcGIS II: Essential Workflows or equivalent knowledge is required.

Course Outline

The ArcGIS platform
• Advantages of the ArcGIS platform
• Portals
• ArcGIS Enterprise and GIS services
• Organizing a workflow
• Using a portal
• Exploring portals
• Web maps
• Creating a web map

Publishing to the platform
• Workflow: Publishing services
• Service protocols
• Exploring the ArcGIS platform
• Data sources
• Registration types
• Registering a data source
• Data source permissions

Sharing published content
• Publishing and sharing content
• Workflow for sharing
• Choosing with whom to share
• Sharing content in Portal for ArcGIS

Publishing map services
• Map service workflow
• How dynamic map services work
• Guidelines for authoring map services
• Publishing a map service

Publishing feature services
• Sharing features
• What type of service would you publish?
• Feature service workflow
• Publishing a feature service

Enabling feature service editing
• Preparing data for editing
• Creating feature templates
• Enabling feature attachments
• Publishing a feature service for editing
• Enabling feature service operations
• Which operations do you enable?

Creating and sharing web apps
• Types of apps
• Configurable apps
• Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
• Building a configurable app

Publishing image services
• Image services
• Preparing to publish an image service
• Publishing an image service
• Building pyramids and caches
• Should I publish an image service?
• Raster functions
• Publishing an image service

Publishing geocode services
• Creating a locator
• Publishing a locator
• Using a geocode service
• Creating and publishing a locator

Publishing geoprocessing services
• Using analysis tools
• Geoprocessing services
• Authoring and running a model
• Publishing geoprocessing results
• Using geoprocessing services
• Publishing a model as a service