Field Data Collection and Management using ArcGIS

Learn how ArcGIS supports a complete field data management workflow—from the office to the field, in the field, and back to the office. You will learn best practices to configure and deploy ArcGIS field- productivity apps to meet your data- collection needs. You will have the opportunity to use your own iOS or Android device to complete some course exercises.

Who Should Attend
GIS Professionals, GIS Managers.

After completion of this course you will be able to:
• Create a web app to collect requests and generate work assignments.
• Efficiently manage field workforce assignments and monitor field data collection in real time.
• Create and configure a web map for map-based data collection and surveys for form-based data collection.
• Create a navigation map that includes custom asset data.

Completion of Putting ArcGIS to Use across Your Organization or equivalent knowledge is recommended.

Course Outline

ArcGIS apps for the field
• The ArcGIS platform
• Identity-based security
• Field operations overview
• Comparing Collector and Survey123
• App integration
• Checkpoint

Generating service requests
• Field operations overview
• Explore a service request web app
• Web apps
• Web maps
• Web layers
• Creating a service request web app

Coordinating work assignments
• Field operations overview
• Workforce for ArcGIS
• Workforce projects
• Workforce roles
• Creating a Workforce project
• Creating and assigning assignments
• Workforce roles
• Using the Workforce mobile app

Navigating to work locations
• Field operations overview
• Navigator for ArcGIS
• Navigation maps
• Adding navigation data to a map
• Address locators
• Creating and sharing a mobile map package
• Address locators Travel modes

Creating a WebMap for use with Collector for ArcGIS
• Field operations overview
• Collector for ArcGIS Designing data for the field
• Explore the domains of the inlet data
• Creating a web layer for data collection
• Creating a web map for data collection

Creating a smart form with Survey123
• Field operations overview Survey123
• How it works Smart forms
• Components of Survey123
• Creating a survey on the web using Survey123

Creating a dashboard to monitor operations
• Field operations overview
• Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS Data sources
• Filters
• Select widgets based on reporting needs
• Creating an operations view

Field data collection and management
• Field operations overview
• Scenario introduction