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Implementing Versioned Workflows in a Multiuser Geodatabase

A successful multiuser editing environment requires a sound versioning workflow that minimizes disruption to editors, ensures the integrity of GIS data, and integrates well with existing business workflows—all while maintaining optimal database performance. This course explores a variety of versioned editing workflows and examines how versioning decisions impact data accuracy and database performance.

Who Should Attend
GIS database managers or administrators who need to set up and manage a multiuser editing environment.

After completion of this course you will be able to:
• Deploy a versioning workflow that meets your organization’s needs.
• Efficiently load data into a versioned feature class.
• Manage multiple geodatabase versions.
• Monitor and maintain database performance in a versioned editing environment.

Completion of ArcGIS II: Essential Workflows and Configuring and Managing the Multiuser Geodatabase or equivalent knowledge is required.

Course Outline

Choosing a multiuser editing environment
• Considerations
• Registering data
• ArcSDE administrator and data owner responsibilities

Organizing versions
• Version tree
• Creating and deleting versions
• Version properties
• SDEVersions system table

Editing non-versioned data
• Preparing ArcMap for non-versioned editing
• Impact of concurrent edits by multiple users

Delta tables
• Registering and unregistering data as versioned
• How edits are stored

Managing versioning system tables
• Overview of system tables
• How system tables store feature edits
• Maintaining database performance

Merging state lineages
• Implicit reconcile and post operations
• Explicit reconcile and post operations
• Version and feature class permissions

Reviewing conflicts
• Defining conflicts
• Conflict resolution options
• Topology edit conflicts
• Viewing version differences

Bulk-loading data into versions
• Simple Data Loader
• Object Data Loader
• Improving performance after a bulk load

Compressing a versioned geodatabase
• Performing a full compress operation
• Reviewing the Compress log

Registering data as versioned with move-to-base option
• Why use the move-to-base option?
• Best practices for handling conflicts
• Undetected conflicts

Versioned editing with non-Esri applications
• Creating versioned views
• Querying and editing versioned feature classes using versioned views