Deploying Portal for ArcGIS

This course makes you Learn best practices to deploy Portal for ArcGIS to meet your organization’s need
For private, secure geospatial content sharing. This course introduces the architectural and security models that support Web GIS workflow

Who Should Attend
System Administrators, Web Administrators

After completion of this course you will be able to:
• Configure and license Portal for ArcGIS software.
• Create, configure, and manage user accounts and enterprise authentication.
• Federate an ArcGIS for Server site with Portal for ArcGIS.
• Install and register the ArcGIS Data Store to support hosted service

ArcGIS for Server: Site Configuration and Administration

Course Outline

Understanding Web GIS
• Evolution of GIS
• Bringing mapping and GIS to everyone
• Portal for ArcGIS enables a Web GIS
• Server types and publishing clients
• Map layers and web layers
• ArcGIS for Server evolution
• Course VM network configuration
• Explore the classroom configuration

Performing the initial configuration of your portal
• Today, identity is essential
• Why does ArcGIS offer two GIS portals?
• Comparing ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS functionality

Using built-in accounts with your portal
• The portal information model
• User privileges hierarchy
• Levels of portal sharing
• Community versus identity security models
• Portal licensing model

Leveraging enterprise accounts in Portal for ArcGIS with IWA
• Why should you care about IWA?
• Who WINs with single sign-on?
• IWA configuration steps
• Windows groups
• Leveraging enterprise groups from Portal for ArcGIS

Integrating ArcGIS for Server with Portal for ArcGIS through federation
• Publishing workflows
• Portal for ArcGIS subsumes ArcGIS for Server security
• Community versus identity security models
• When to federate or not federate
• Federate stand-alone servers under Portal for ArcGIS

Implementing a hosting server
• Designate a federated server as the hosting server
• Separate functionality for production systems
• Leverage a single site for development and testing
• ArcGIS Data Store
• Data registration