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Configuring Web Apps Using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Learn how to create intuitive, focused web apps that are accessible on desktop and mobile devices—without writing any code. This course shows how to take advantage of existing web maps, themes, and widgets to build apps that feature your organization’s branding and deliver the functionality your users require. Course attendees receive a free e-Book copy of Getting to Know Web GIS, third edition.

Who Should Attend
GIS professionals, managers, and others who are familiar with creating and sharing maps using ArcGIS Online

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:
• Plan a web app’s design based on the audience and required functionality
• Configure themes and widgets to meet web app requirements.
• Evaluate web app design and functionality on virtual devices.
• Publish a web app.

Completion of Creating and Sharing GIS Content with ArcGIS Online or equivalent knowledge.

Course Outline

Introduction to Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
• Web AppBuilder and the ArcGIS platform
• Components of a Web AppBuilder web app
• Identifying the components of a web app
• Creating a web app using Web AppBuilder
• Adding metadata to your web app
• Create a web app using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Applying themes to web apps
• App design considerations: requirements gathering
• The importance of branding
• Choosing a theme
• Using shared templates

Configuring widgets in web apps
• App design considerations: Functionality
• Understanding widgets
• Working with widgets
• Choosing a widget

Building a 3D web app
• Cases for 3D web apps
• Creating a 3D web app using Web AppBuilder
• Ways to use 3D data in web apps