Using ArcGIS for Water Utility Workflows

This two-day class focuses on implementing ArcGIS for Water Utilities. It provides guidance to new or current customers who are seeking to implement the ArcGIS platform in their organization. The course is built around Esri solution workflows that demonstrate how the common patterns of GIS are applied and can benefit a water utility. In addition to the demonstrating the common patterns of GIS, the solution workflows chosen showcase the primary components and functionality of the ArcGIS platform as it is applied by water utilities.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:
• Learn how to take advantage of the complete ArcGIS platform to support water utility operations.
• The course covers recommended workflows and focused solutions that will help your organization efficiently manage water utility assets, streamline field data collection, and deliver better customer service.
• This course assumes familiarity with water utility terminology. ArcMap is used in course exercises.

Who Should Attend
Data Editors, GIS Analysts, GIS Technical Leads.

Completion of ArcGIS 2: Essential Workflows or equivalent knowledge

Course Outline

The ArcGIS platform for water utilities
• Common GIS patterns
• How do you use GIS in your organization?
• The ArcGIS platform
• Web GIS
• Data
• Portals
• Web layers
• Groups
• Solutions
• Platform components used by each solution
• Related patterns and solutions
• Water utility solutions and the LGIM
• Navigating an ArcGIS Online organization

Maintaining utility asset models
• The Map Change Request solution
• The Water Utility Network Editing solution
• Geometric networks
• Edges and junctions
• Simple and complex edges
• Relating geometric networks to water utilities
• Using Water Utility Network Editing tools
• The Attribute Assistant

Utility network tracing
• Network tracing
• Sources and sinks
• Valve Isolation trace
• Secondary Valve Isolation trace
• Performing Valve Isolation trace analysis

Sharing information with the platform
• The Foundational Viewer solution
• Types of web layers
• Publishing web layers
• Web maps
• Creating a web map
• Web apps
• Creating a web app

Creating a web map for mobile data collection
• The Hydrant Maintenance Inspection solution
• Configuring a web layer for data collection
• Creating a web layer for data collection
• Configuring a web map for data collection
• Creating a web map for data collection

Creating a dashboard with Operations Dashboard
• Dashboard
• Elements
• Data sources
• Filters
• Select elements based on reporting needs
• Creating a dashboard in Operations Dashboard

Using Collector for ArcGIS
• Using web maps with Collector for ArcGIS
• Using Collector for ArcGIS

Connecting with customers
• The Sewer Service Lookup solution
• The Information Lookup configurable app
• Configuring the Sewer Service Lookup solution web app