Creating and Managing Utility Network with ArcGIS

ArcGIS Utility Network Management, an extension to ArcGIS Enterprise, provides robust tools to model, visualize, edit, and analyze complex utility networks. This course—for GIS professionals who need to create, analyze, or manage electric, gas, water, or telecommunications networks—provides a comprehensive overview of the utility network architecture in the enterprise geodatabase. Learn about the latest capabilities that organizations can leverage to better manage network assets, minimize network disruptions, and quickly respond to outages

After completion of this course you will be able to:
• Create a utility network, add feature classes and other components to it, and configure rules to accurately model connectivity and data relationships.
• Apply a standard workflow to create and edit network features and components while maintaining data integrity.
• Perform network tracing to identify the source of a disruption and impacted customers.
• Create and share a diagram to dynamically visualize the network.

Who Should Attend
Data Editors, GIS Analysts, GIS Technical Leads.

Completion of ArcGIS Pro: Essential Workflows or Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro or equivalent knowledge.

Course Outline

Foundations of the utility network
• Benefits of the utility network
• Exploring software and architecture
• Elements of the utility network
• Structure networks
• Exploring structure networks
• Exploring a domain network
• Exploring asset

Network topology management
• Network connectivity
• Branch versioning
• Feature restrictions and network rules
• Maintaining data integrity
• Attribute rules
Managing connectivity and associations
• Feature templates
• Associations
• Creating a device assembly preset template

Network management
• Network architecture
• Tier definitions
• Tier groups and tiers
• Sub networks
• Tier properties
• Terminals
• Adding a sub network controller using a preset template

Tracing analysis
• Connectivity vs. traversability
• Network categories
• Network attributes
• Functions
• Tracing
• Network attributes or network categories

Network diagrams
• Network diagrams
• Diagram templates
• Network diagrams

Creating a utility network
• Asset packages
• Deploying the Utility Network Distribution solution